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Powered by the hydraulic system of your skid steer loader or tractor;All the operations controlled directly from the wireless controller;Integrated hydraulic log lift;Adjustable 4 or 6-way splitting blade (optional);Able to produce more than 2 face cords per hour;Efficiently perform wood cutting and splitting in a semi-autonomously way;Can take logs up to 16-inch in diameter and up to 10 feets in length

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Efficiently cut and split firewood semi-autonomously from the comfort of your loader cab. The SKID 14T attaches quickly and easily to the quick attach system of your skid-steer, articulated loader or any tractor (60HP+) and is powered by the machine’s hydraulic system. All operations are controlled directly from the driver’s cab or from outside with a wireless controller. This processor has an integrated hydraulic fork for easy log loading, is equipped with a 24″ chainsaw and has a choice of 4-way or 6-way adjustable splitting blade. The SKID 14T can easily saw logs up to 16 inches in diameter and 10 feet in length. In addition, an adjustable stopper allows you to determine the length of the desired logs up to 24 inches long.

The SKID 14T requires a minimum oil flow of 60 L/min (16 gpm). Based on our tests, a farm tractor of at least 60 HP is required to properly run the SKID 14T processor. In addition, your loader or tractor must be able to lift 580 kg (1280 lbs). For farm tractors, a rear weight may be required for proper operation. Please check the processor requirements and the capabilities of your machine before purchasing.


Hydraulic system

  • Powered by the loader/tractor
  • Minimum flow rate of 60 L/min (16 gpm)
  • Hydraulic quick-connect couplings

Cutting capacity

  • Harvester 24-inch guide bar
  • .325” chain
  • Max. splitting diameter of 16 inches
  • Max. splitting length of 24 inches
  • Splitting blade in 4 or 6 ways (at choice)
  • Splitting power of 14 tons


  • Quick-attach


  • 580 kg (1280 lbs)