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2-ton operating weight;Powered by a 20 HP Yanmar diesel engine;Boom swing left and right;Hydraulic track width adjustment;Overall width from 1.09 m (43 in.) to 1.27 m (50 in.);27 L/min (7 gpm) high-performance hydraulic pump;16 kN (3597 lb/f) digging force;2.15 m (7 ft) digging depth;2.95 m (9,8 ft) digging reach;Included: Standard bucket (15 in.), hydraulic thumb, full-size rooftop, LED light, control panel and ergonomic full-size seat;Many attachments available as options

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Introducing the Bulldog Challenger, a robust and versatile mini excavator designed for efficiency and power in excavation, construction or forestry tasks. With a 2-ton operating weight, this machine handles various projects, delivering reliable performance with key features. Under the hood, the Bulldog Challenger is powered by a durable 20 HP Yanmar diesel engine, ensuring a seamless blend of power and fuel efficiency. The boom’s swing capability, allowing movement both left and right, enhances maneuverability, providing flexibility on job sites. A standout feature is the hydraulic track width adjustment, enabling adaptation to different terrains and project requirements. The overall width can be adjusted from 1.09 m (43 in.) to 1.27 m (50 in.), allowing access to tight spaces without compromising stability.

The Bulldog Challenger boasts a high-performance hydraulic system with a 27 L/min (7 gpm) pump, ensuring smooth and precise operation. With a digging force of 16 kN (3597 lb/f), this compact excavator delivers the strength needed for efficient digging and lifting tasks. This model also offers a remarkable 2.15 m (7 ft) digging depth and a 2.95 m (9.8 ft) digging reach, suitable for various applications like excavating foundations or trenching.

The excavator includes essential features: a standard 15 in. bucket, hydraulic thumb, full-size rooftop, LED light, control panel, and an ergonomic full-size seat, providing a user-friendly experience for extended periods of operation.¬†Furthermore, the Bulldog Challenger offers versatility with a range of attachments available in option, making it suitable for diverse tasks. From augers to grapples, the mini excavator can be customized to meet specific job requirements, enhancing its utility on various projects. In summary, the Bulldog Challenger is a reliable, powerful, and affordable solution for excavation needs, combining advanced features, operator comfort, and adaptability. It’s a valuable asset for woodland owners, farmers, and recreational users.



  • Yanmar diesel 20 HP (1-year or 3000 hours warranty)
  • Electric start
  • Safety kill switch

Hydraulic system

  • Pump capacity of 27 L/min (7 gal/min)
  • Hydraulic system pressure of 2900 PSI

Digging capacity

  • Digging force of 16 kN (3597 lb/f)
  • 38 cm (15 in) wide standard bucket included
  • Standard bucket capacity of 50 L (13 gal)
  • Dozer blade width of 127 cm (50 po)
  • 2.15 m (7 ft) maximum digging depth
  • 2.95 m (9,8 ft) maximum digging reach

Drive system

  • Travel speed of 2 km/h (1,24 mph)
  • 22 cm (8,7 in) track width
  • From 109,2 cm (43 in) to 127 cm (50 in) overall width (hydraulically adjustable)
  • Ground clearance of 11 cm (4,3 in)

Operating weight

  • 2000 kg (4409 lbs)